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Issey Miyake designed the Lithuanian national team's official uniform for the 1992 Summer Olympics of Barcelona. The images were part of the incredible sportswear editorial in ARENA No.35 for Summer/Autumn 1992.

Issey Miyake and Lithuania: with nothing connecting the pair, their path crossed by accident. It all started with a letter fromDr. Edward Domanskis who had been serving as the Lithuanian team's official physician and spokesman, and a long-time enthusiast of Issey Miyake's clothes. As such, he had the fabulous idea that a new, modern uniform for the the Summer Olympics of Barcelona could be designed by Issey Miyake.

Miyake said at the time: "When I think about what clothes should be in the future, I think that sportswear is the most innovative and diverse. It focuses on the fresh sensation of function, color, material, etc. I want to gaze at the 21st century through sportswear, now that people around the world can watch a variety of sports through television."

This was the first time that Miyake had to create an Olympic uniform and he did not know how to approach it. Olympic athletes come in so many different body types that it is difficult to fit them into one 'design'. "Let's hope that we can have uniforms that fit any player in a single suit." But in response to this challenge, Miyake had the great idea of using the technology of his line 'Pleats Please'. The rest is history.

Writer: My Clothing Archive

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