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Since its inception in 1973, Comme des Garcons has continually proven to push the boundaries of what fashion is, with its use of marketing being of no exception. The brand has been and is still infamous for its obscure marketing style, from cryptic imagery to the use of visuals that hold no connection to the collections they are marketing on behalf of. The Comme des Garcons Direct Mails are no exception. Since the 1990’s, their DMs have been sent to the likes of press rooms, fashion journalists, artists, stylists and more; they are also sent from the brand’s Tokyo, Paris, and New York stores to their various clients every season. And, just like their marketing style through other mediums, the DMs are simply cryptic in nature and cannot easily be deciphered. 

In 2005, Comme des Garcons collaborated with Relax Magazine to showcase all direct mails created. From the now timeless direct mail created by Inoue Tsuguya featuring the two sisters laughing side-by-side, to the incorporation of Keizo Kitajima’s brilliant portrait photography and the vibrant designs of Lilo Hess and Enzo Cucchi, this curation of marketing materials represents only but a small portion of the Comme des Garcons creatively charged universe.

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