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Gone are the days of the physical publication. As time flashes before our own eyes, the very notion of carrying magazines will cease to exist as we immerse ourselves into the new age of cyberspace. However, there remains a dedicated group of individuals who strive to keep physical objects in the creative zeitgeist, with Werk Magazine being no exception. Founded by designer and artist Theseus Chan, Werk Magazine aims to distort our collective understanding of magazines by fusing visual and physical experimentation: some of their magazine covers seem like they could fall apart at any minute, while others involve conflicting typography that can be difficult to decipher. There is even one issue that is binded on both sides, making it impossible for anyone to open.

For its second issue in 2005, Werk Magazine was provided with the opportunity to collaborate with fashion powerhouse Comme des Garçons via one of its sub-labels ‘Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store’. The issue’s cover is seemingly ripped into small squares only to be glued back together, its pages have jagged edges, its sides damaged yet carefully executed. Its contents are equally experimental, combining Comme des Garçons’ clothing and unique branding with Werk Magazine’s graphic design and aesthetics. Furthermore, the magazine’s contents are reminiscent of Comme des Garçons SIX Magazine, where the emphasis is not purely on the clothes but also the art and culture that intertwine with them, creating a whole new picture in the process. There simply couldn’t be a more perfect collaborative magazine in existence.

Writer: Riv

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