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Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane for HUGE Magazine


Hedi Slimane

Dior Homme

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AW2006 'These Grey Days'



Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane for HUGE Magazine is undoubtedly a magazine you want to have on your coffee table. For this special edition of HUGE, Dior Homme’s AW2006 Collection 'These Grey Days' was showcased. The title of the collection derives from a song of the same name by Eight Legs, with an extended version of the track accompanying the runway show. It is definitely worth a watch, and can only be described as teenage angst wrapped up in haute couture. Arguably the height of Hedi Slimane’s era at Dior Homme, this magazine nonchalantly reminds us why Hedi is loved in the fashion world, and that people still adore his work, old or new.

The book opens up with an editorial shoot styled by the legendary Tsuyoshi Noguchi, who was the go-to stylist for editorials at the time. Then we are taken to the 'Dior Homme Diary,' with direction and photography done by Slimane himself. Following up the diary is a six page interview with Hedi. Concluding the magazine special is a catalog showcasing items from the season along with their prices. The collection offers an array of sartorial goods, with tuxedo jackets, cummerbunds, and suits to name a few. Formidable formal attire but still with the rockstar edge Hedi brought to the table.

Writer: Zack

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