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Legend of Harajuku Goros, Volume 1


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The Legend of Harajuku is the perfect title to describe Goro Takahashi, who himself is an enigma in Japanese and American society. Broken up into 3 volumes, the first volume provides an introductory outlook on Goro Takahashi’s life journey. The book utilizes various styles of photography to narrate his life experiences and interactions, all while building the foundation to display Takahashi’s fascination with Native American society and culture. The grainy images of a young Goro Takashashi is juxtaposed with detailed images of his craftsmanship and products. The sections of the book have a focus on the various products that Takahashi has masterfully crafted throughout his lifetime, such as belts, leather goods, and rings.


It’s a journey alone to view Goro’s life experiences through the archived images that have never been shown the light of day before, going from intimate self-portraits to his American journeys to late Japan nights on his motorcycle. It is the perfect balance of appreciation for Goro Takahashi as a curious human being as well as a world-famous artisan and craftsman. And a beautiful introduction to the legend of Harajuku.

Writer: Art V.

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