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Putting their own unique spin onto American, Japanese and a variety of other cultures' clothing, Kapital has carved a niche in the Japanese denim industry since their founding in 1985. Rather than following the path of many Japanese denim brands and producing exact replicas of vintage Levi’s, Kapital produced items that fit a certain theme, time period, or cultural idea, while still keeping the production quality of reproduction brands. Slowly but steadily Kapital has built a reputation for quality products, with extremely unique offerings to boot. From the Kountry lines boro remakes, to the sought after Century denim products, the labels offerings often change somewhat season to season, with unique takes being offered in addition too their core line of products.


In recent years with the explosion of archive items and fashion coming out of Japan through sites such as Yahoo Japan and Mercari, a wider audience has been exposed to Kapital and their unique offerings. From rappers, to the avant garde enthusiast, Kapital has something to offer for everyone. From pre-distressed products to those that will age over time, Kapital has cemented themselves as a staple of the Japanese Americana fashion scene, and their pieces will likely remain in circulation for decades to come.

Writer: Isaac L. Davis

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