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Book White The Last Volume


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SS2002 'Modern Age'



Though the brand has been recognized in recent times for it’s hyped pieces and references to music, Number (N)ine remains shrouded in mystery. Unlike many 'Archive Fashion' brands, where information regarding their history/philosophy is relatively available, N(N) has yet to be fully dissected. This book, ‘Book White The Last Volume,’ is one of many steps in unveiling its mystery. Coming to a total of nearly 900 pages, Book White takes us into the aesthetic nature of Number (N)ine’s SS02 Collection ‘Modern Age,’ as well as the cult brand’s true colors. As stated by N(N) founder Takahiro Miyashita, the brand is depression/sadness in the form of clothing, and this becomes evermore apparent through the book’s depiction of the collection. Although Book White is meant to be read in physical form via the rapid turning of pages, the content included is priceless nonetheless and is vital for any N(N) enthusiast and curious individual alike.

Writer: Casino Riv

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