• Art V.

Chrome Hearts: A Closer Look into a Fashion Enigma

The story of Chrome Hearts can be utilized as a modern day Western movie script: a passionate Los Angeles rebel turned successful American fashion entrepreneur, but still hates the status quo and the idea of high-end fashion. The cult-classic brand has been around for over 3 decades, yet it still remains a behind-closed-doors, IYKYK entity. The early consumers and perception of Chrome Hearts differs greatly to what it is today. Mainstream commercialization and your favorite hip/hop & rap artist has unintentionally broken down the barriers of entry for consumption. When a niche entity is mixed with hype culture, the level of saturation inevitably increases. Unfortunately, so does the cringe. And like everything else, the memes came right along.

Now, it’s hard to take the brand seriously sometimes when it’s being laughed at the same way the community laughs at VLONE. Everywhere you go, whether it’s online or your favorite shopping district, it’s hard to ignore all the t-shirts with Horseshoe screenprints and trucker hats with FUCK embroidery. But it’s also hard to ignore all the oddities that Chrome Hearts still churn out and market via their social media posts and flagship displays. How does a brand, who is responsible for all the “drip” that all these rappers claim to have, still create timeless and tasteful furniture and jewelry pieces that appeal to a select audience?