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Fashion and Elitism: On Changing a Rigged Game

Imagine the following scenario:

You and your friends hear of an Avant-Garde fashion event in the depths of New York City. Excited to meet with like-minded people and browse through racks of rare clothing, you quickly book a 4-hour bus trip to take part in the experience. Only when you step into the venue, you’re immediately greeted with skeptic stares and an uncanny atmosphere of intellectual superiority. Oh, and the fact that your friends are wearing graphic tees and Jordan 1 Chicagos isn’t helping with the situation.

Everyone is covered in S-tier clothing, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Carol Christian Poell and MA+ to name a few. They’re all carrying glasses of wine, chatting and laughing at intricately woven conversations you can’t make out. And you don’t care. You and your friends leave, disappointed by the lack of authenticity from the crowd, your negative emotions clouding your mind from focusing on the amazing garments. And so the attendees continue to have their precious social interactions, as though you were never there to begin with.