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  • Isaac L. Davis

'SLEEPLESS' Archive Fashion Editorial

Punk fashion has come a long way since the days of emaciated and often strung out rockers who wore torn t-shirts with tight jeans, flaunted their countercultural way of life, and lived on their own terms. In a similar vein the ‘Sleepless’ Archive Fashion editorial embodies a dream of many immigrants and citizens of America: a desire to forge one’s own path and stay true to themselves.

The outfits exemplify this shared attitude and desire, featuring pieces such as Number (N)ine’s Hybrid Cargos, Comme des Garçons’ Gobline Tapestry Patchwork Pants, and even an Undercover padlock necklace reminiscent of Sid Vicious. Each individual article of clothing draws from various styles and cultures, ranging from the punk counterculture to the lifestyles and aesthetics originating from the working class.

As with any fashion editorial, the message doesn’t merely lie within the clothes alone, but also within the locations chosen for the photography. Shot in Boston’s Chinatown, the location is symbolic of the well-known “American Dream”, where individuals carve out lives for both themselves and their families.

Put simply by the likes of Sid Vicious and Frank Sinatra, this editorial carries these values and the idea that, in America, one can look back at their life and work and say, “I did it my way”.

Photographer: Nathanael Carter Layne

Stylist: Casino Riv

Model: Sang Chul Lee


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