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Considered one of the top fashion labels from Japan, Undercover is notorious for dominating the fashion media landscape at any moment in time. Although the newest generation of fashion enthusiasts know Undercover for its contributions through new media, its older portion of fans remember encountering the brand through a increasingly archaic platform: physical magazines. From streetwear-focused magazines like SMART and Asayan, to those that are more high fashion-centric such as Men’s Non-No, the array of titles that brought Undercover to past generations has no end. The ‘U-ISM’ scan collection that we are showcasing to you today represents this moment in time where printed media reigned supreme, bringing Undercover into the forefront of fashion youth culture. The collection’s contents range from now popularized images of Undercover’s SS2003 ‘SCAB’ Collection, to its more underrated collections that are portrayed perfectly through various editorials and showcases.

Writer: Riv

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