• Khan Delin

California's Hidden Archive Fashion Store: Interview with Tony Nguyen of Find Hid.n

Group photo of Find Hid.n, an Archive Fashion Store based in California

A few of the Hid.n team members in their storefront and workspace.

Tucked away right off the beaten track of downtown Santa Ana stands the elusive Find Hid.n Store. No pun intended but the store is quite literally a hidden gem, I got lost trying to find it my first time going but boy was I happy when I found them. When I first walked in I was instantly greeted and shown around the store despite me not having set up an appointment. The overall vibe of the shop is similar to an apartment, and usually a number of the Hid.n members will be there hanging out on any given day playing Super Smash Bros next to their rack of some of their permanent collection of priceless pieces. Everyone at the shop has an extensive knowledge of the brands and designers that they carry which include rare pieces from Rick Owens, 20471120, Undercover, and Issey Miyake.

Not only do the guys at Hid.n do a stellar job of curating their inventory, they also encourage shoppers to take the pieces off the racks and try them on which is a unique experience on its own, as I’ve never been able to see some of the items in their collection in person. It feels like with each archive piece they had in store, most of them had some sort of detailed story behind it. From a wide range of Chrome Hearts jewelry and clothing to a large collection of vintage Stussy and even a standard-issue Japanese fireman kimono, they really have a little bit of something for everyone.

A few of our friends from Find Hid.n have flown out to NYC this week with suitcases of grail-worthy items for their popup event in collaboration with Soulvenir, Vetememes, May Bien, and Nguyen Inc. If you are in the area this weekend, definitely come by and say hi. P.S. If you see a guy there in camo pants with a camera, ask him for a fit pic!

Tony Nguyen of Find Hid.n Archive Fashion Store showcasing a jacket by Helmut Lang
Group photo of Find Hid.n, an Archive Fashion Store based in California
Display in the Find Hid.n Archive Fashion Store in California, featuring items by Rick Owens and Number (N)ine

From the times I’ve been around the shop, Hid.n really feels like collective archive experience. Would you introduce the main members behind Find Hid.n and explain how you guys first started out?

Hid.n consists of over 15 members who each contribute to the brand with their unique skill sets. Elton and I founded Hid.n last March when we decided to experiment with a showroom concept in our space. Back then, we were a parody of Dover Street Market and went by Hidden Street Market until DSM actually set out to deactivate our Instagram. Fun fact, we’ve been throwing music festivals since 2018 through our label, Hidden Fest, which was at a local coffee shop called Hidden House Coffee; that’s where the name comes from. From there, we decided to take the project more seriously and brought on an exciting cast of talented folks such as Usman, our creative director, who continues to help develop the brand’s community, look, direction, and overall product experience.

You guys have a really extensive collection with a wide range of designers, what made you decide to open up a storefront and curate an assortment of archive fashion pieces?

Clothing is the one thing that has always been around for me growing up. I took a break from the fashion scene as I was about to graduate college in 2018-2019, but it kept calling me back so I just leaned into my strengths and gave the path of entrepreneurship a shot. I had already gained valuable experience in the archive space with my time at Los Angeles based archive store Horror Vacuo. I decided to take that knowledge and try to do something unique in the space we occupy, something that was community-centric, and something that could be a hallmark to the people of Santa Ana.

Group photo of Find Hid.n, an Archive Fashion Store based in California

The Hid.n Team members and their outfits that day.

In all the time you have been collecting and sourcing for the shop, what have been some of your favorite pieces you have come across?

We have a whole rack of permanent archive/not-for-sale pieces that we really love. I could go on for days about those, but if I were to name drop a few I’d have to mention the extensive FW99 Helmut Lang collection we have that consists of various Astro jackets and the iconic M69 Flak Jacket that Travis Scott helped popularize. We also have a 1 of 1 Uroboros denim set from Proletareart, a designer who branched off from Kapital to do his own spin on Japanese Americana. I love his stuff very much! There are also a few Undercover Rebelgods bombers from the Witches' Cell Division collection as well as a strong curation of amazing one-off FW01-02 Artisanal Margiela tops. Clothing is so fun!

Right? Alright well now you have to tell us about the Chrome Hearts Overalls.

A running joke is that if it’s your first time in our space I'll talk about the 1 of 1 Chrome Hearts leather overalls that were a special order for K-pop star Taeyang from BIGBANG. They’re great and have Hermes silk lining, sterling silver Chrome Hearts hardware, full leather, and is made as a 1 of 1 special order for a huge Korean celebrity. There’s so much to love about them. On the interior tag, they feature the original owner’s name on it too! Taeyang. So neat. We were able to source this by working out a consignment deal with the current owner.