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Within the midst of 1970's Great Britain emerged a brand that shifted our perception of fashion forever: Seditionaries. Founded by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, Seditionaries masterfully created shock value through its clothing and subverted mainstream values through its products and branding, from shirts adorning the Nazi Swastika to graphic depictions of the Cambridge Rapist and more. The brand catapulted into further notoriety through the Tokyo Sex Pistols, where each member wore its clothing throughout their performances on the world stage. The true impact of Seditionaries stretches far and wide, influencing multiple facets of both mainstream cultures and subcultures in the past, present, and future. 

Fast forward to the modern day, Japanese cultural icon Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jun Takahashi of Undercover have created this publication as an ode to the legendary brand. With Fujiwara working under Westwood and McLaren during the 80s and Takahashi being the lead singer of the Tokyo Sex Pistols, it comes as no surprise that Seditionaries would impact both individuals’ achievements at a profound level. The clothing featured were collected by both individuals since the mid 80s to early 90s, each carefully preserved and cherished over the course of decades. With the publication amassing over 350 items, this Seditionaires collection stands the test of time, giving birth to both new fashion enthusiasts and designers around the world.

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