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Denim Monster Lookbook


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Founded in 1984, Kapital has consistently approached fashion from multiple perspectives. Though the clothes themselves are held in high regard for their visual details and construction, it can be argued that the brand's editorial lookbooks shift its clothing into an unbelievable context. Photographed by Eric Kvatek and directed together with Kapital’s Kiro Hirata, the Kapital lookbooks serve to bring its readers into worlds unbeknownst to the everyman, its content ranging from the spiritual beings of faraway islands to the desolate lifestyles of the countryside and misfits of city alleyways, to name a few. It’s no wonder that so many individuals from all walks of life gravitate to such a culturally diverse brand.

One of the major appeals to Kapital is its ability to connect with individuals from vastly different backgrounds, and this couldn't be more conveyed through their Denim Monster Lookbook. Its content features two vastly different settings: the countryside and the metropolitan city. On one hand we take a look at how Kapital's clothing integrates with the lives of the rugged: perfectly distressed denim, vintage-like tees, and durable outerwear for the outdoors. On the other is the chaotic yet vibrant aesthetics of the city life, featuring an interesting mix of poppy graphics and Americana sensibilities.

Writer: Riv

Kapital Lookbook Photographer: Eric Kvatek

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