• Khan Delin

Interview with Fashion Wankers: Fashion Meme Deep Dive Part 4

With the help of fashion meme titans like Vetememes, Meme Saint Laurent and Fashion Wankers, the ARCHIVE.pdf Team have interviewed all individuals to truly understand just how deep this fashion meme rabbit hole goes. From educating the masses on fashion, to their impact on the fashion industry, the toxicity and beauty of the community, and much more, today we’ll be revealing one of fashion’s greatest online mysteries: Fashion Memes.

One of the fashion meme pages that has been around for a long while is Ollie, aka Fashion Wankers. His page had small beginnings, sending and creating memes for his friends that later inspired him to start posting them on social media. Ollie is an extremely humble guy with an unmatched sense of humor. More recently he has expanded his kinds of posts to project more of himself and his personal style and interests. After talking with him about his ideas and goals for his page, it's clear to see Fashion Wankers has transcended beyond just an Instagram meme page and if there was a Mount Rushmore for fashion meme pages, Ollie’s face would be on it.