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Interview with Vetememes: Fashion Meme Deep Dive Part 2

With the help of fashion meme titans like Vetememes, Meme Saint Laurent and Fashion Wankers, the ARCHIVE.pdf Team have interviewed all individuals to truly understand just how deep this fashion meme rabbit hole goes. From educating the masses on fashion, to their impact on the fashion industry, the toxicity and beauty of the community, and much more, today we’ll be revealing one of fashion’s greatest online mysteries: Fashion Memes.

Boy, do we have an interview for y’all today. Widely known for his creations of clothing and memes through his brand Vetememes, Davil Tran has contributed greatly to both the fashion and fashion meme scenes alike. From the brickwall days of Grailed to the currentday online landscape, the man (dare I say God) has proven to the world that fashion is both inherently valuable and lighthearted at the same time.

As part of our extensive Fashion Meme Deep Dive Seri