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Small Parts / Exchange Booklet


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AW1998 'Exchange'



This 1998 collection from Jun Takahashi is a fan favorite for many Undercover archive enthusiasts. Exchange, also referred to as Small Parts, was centered around one creative concept that repeats itself in almost every garment of the collection: the addition of removable sections through zipping and unzipping. This feature allowed people to combine or subtract pieces, and wear the garments in an assortment of ways. It also allowed them to purchase other pieces from Small Parts in order to further accessorize the looks. Essentially you could take your sleeves, collar, hood, etc. from one piece and then zip it directly to another piece. It was a super cool concept and encouraged people to buy multiple pieces in order to create their own unique piece.

The collection booklet displays some background details on Jun’s process for the collection as well as imagery and descriptions on how to customize your Undercover Small Parts garments. Jun's collection booklet features designs done in collaboration with New York graffiti artist Futura 2000. Futura’s 'Pointman' figures are drawn wearing different pieces of clothing from the collection. Undercover’s 1998 Small Parts/Exchange collection was a highly original and clever idea for Undercover and has continued to be referenced and collected.

Writer: Khan

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