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In 2015, Jun Takahashi and Undercovers’ work was put proudly on display in QUOTATION Magazine’s special Undercover 25th Anniversary edition. Throughout his time as a designer, season after season, Takahashi has been entirely himself, bowing down to none, and the results speak for themselves. In this special issue Takahashi is interviewed, with the first half of it being a broader look at his career, and the second half being more focused on a season by season analysis. For the second half of the interview, he was asked to pick out his favorite looks from each season, but beyond merely showing off his favorite catwalk looks, he also walks the reader and interviewer through the seasons. He did this by explaining the various intricacies of them individually and what influenced each season stylistically. The topics and inspiration of each season span widely, varying from the queen of punk herself, Patti Smith, to radical anti-imperialism, and even witches. 


Through Undercover, Takahashi has done it all, coordinating with his idols, designers, artists, and overseeing productions that present his unfiltered view of what fashion is to the world. More impressive however is the fact that, while exploring this wide range of topics, he and his team have not only put on show after show, but have done so successfully for decades. Some of the highlights of this special edition magazine issue include the interview and seasonal look reviews with Takahashi, the interviews with those who know him, and the spectacular looks themselves, spanning from the very early years up to AW2014. Through the magazine and the Japanese designer’s work itself, it is clear that Takahashi is a master of his craft, and will likely remain so for years to come.

Writer: Isaac L. Davis

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