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SS2004 'Languid'



Jun Takahashi’s Undercover has continually challenged our views on fashion since its very inception. After its fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in 2002, the cult brand rode off the waves of its success, experimenting further into the fusion of clothing and conceptual ideas. Undercover’s SS2004 ‘Languid’ collection is a prime example, with its clothes intricately made and its ideas firmly stitched throughout. The show featured pairs of twins walking down the runway, each wearing similar outfits but with a strange twist: one’s outfit was quite normal, while the other’s was distorted beyond imagination, tee shirts stretched and pants rippling like tide waves. One possible theme of this show could be the concept of how we perceive ourselves vs. our own self-perception, but this merely speculation, as the mind of Jun Takahashi is beyond comprehension.

The publication you are viewing today was created by Japanese streetwear magazine SMART in collaboration with Undercover. The zine features the alluring works from Languid, enwrapping its very own clothes in darkness and mystique. In addition to the editorial photos is a collage of images featuring the friends of Jun Takahashi himself.

Writer: Riv

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