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Founded in 1981, Yohji Yamamoto’s namesake label has impacted the fashion world beyond our own understanding. Perhaps this is because, unlike the sheer number of designers at the time who bolstered flamboyancy and extravagance on the runway, Yohji Yamamoto as stayed true his inner emotions and translates them through clothing. From the silhouettes and aesthetics that have gained a cult following, to creative collaborations with world-renown photographers and visionaries, the world of Yohji Yamamoto shows no end.

This issue of Asia Magazine features rare content of Yohji Yamamoto from his early days in the fashion spotlight. The features draws us back in time, bringing our attention to the various aspects to the mysterious designer and his views. From touching on the nuance behind sexiness, to the inner struggles as a designer who pushes boundaries, the words written truly demonstrate that Yamamoto will forever be a Guru of the Fashion World.

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