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Chrome Hearts

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From its inception as a leather motorcycle riding-gear company in 1988, Richard Stark has transformed Chrome Hearts into a cult-classic brand that churns out handmade jewelry, most notably in sterling silver; apparel, eyewear, luggage and leather goods; and handcrafted furnishings and home items. And let’s not forget all the oddities that exist within the Chrome Hearts world, such as toilet plungers, baseball bats, nail polish, tools, bicycles, and much much more. Three decades later, Chrome Hearts still produce their products in California, and the brand ethos has not significantly shifted. Privately owned by the Stark family, the brand still captures the ‘Fuck You’ essence that existed in the late 80s and early 90s, and their authorized retailer list can still fit on one page. So it was surprising to see Chrome Hearts test the waters with strategic e-commerce releases of specialized products, but it was still executed in old-fashioned Chrome Hearts form.

The history of Chrome Hearts is rich and filled with impactful creations and collaborations. It’s motorcycle and punk-rock influences are still evident in every aspect of the brand, though with the help of Richard’s wife Laurie and their children, Chrome Hearts began to expand its pallet of products to appeal to its growing audience. As the mainstream internet consumer begins to get exposed to Chrome Hearts via celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Drake or the Migos, the brand itself still remains true to its heritage and ethos. At Chrome Hearts, there is something for everyone.

Writer: Art V.

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