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Posters 1987-1998, Weekly Asahigraph


Issey Miyake

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Here are some of my favourite posters published between 1987 and 1998 from the long-standing collaboration between Issey Miyake, Irving Penn, and Ikko Tanaka. Since 1987, Irving Penn has been in charge of photography for the posters of Issey Miyake, with Ikko Tanaka doing the graphic design. With their 12th collaborative work arriving in Spring 1998, this group of 3 talented individuals had once again collided, constantly exploring new dimensions in fashion, photography, and graphic design. For Issey Miyake, this series in Weekly Asahigraph was a unique opportunity to reconsider his 'clothes' starting from the late 1980s as he began to get swept away by the world of fashion. The team of the magazine interviewed Miyake in Los Angeles and notably asked him about the history of the posters, all of which could only be seen in the Issey Miyake stores during their specific season.

Writer: My Clothing Archive

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