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AW1991 '6.1 THE MEN'



Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Autumn/Winter 1991-1992 was presented on two different occasions: the first took place in Paris at the Yohji Yamamoto headquarters on February 3rd, 1991, while the second took place in Tokyo on June 1st, 1991 as a joint presentation with Comme des Garçons titled '6・1 THE MEN'.

This catalog came with all the invitations to 6・1 THE MEN. It contains a few pictures from each Autumn/Winter 1991-1992 Paris presentation and featured, in order, Phillip Butcher, Charles Lloyd, Denis Hopper, Don Cherry, and John Lurie. Interestingly, the picture of John Lurie comes from an editorial for the Spring/Summer 1990 collection by Brian Griffin for SIX Number 5, 1990. What's more, while Inoue Tsuguya designed the catalog for 6・1 THE MEN, he is also behind the SIX catalogs and many more iconic Comme des Garçons visual pieces.

Writer: My Clothing Archive

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