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AW2009 'A Closed Feeling'



The Last Songs lookbook by Number (N)ine was a special appendix included in Men’s Non-No August Issue of 2009. This mini magazine serves as an item catalog and showcase, encapsulating the final moments of Number (N)ine's somber departure from the fashion world. The inspiration for this collection was brought about by Takahiro Miyashita’s stay at a hotel in Alaska. Feeling overwhelmed and depressed, he became a recluse, retreating from the sadness and harshness of the world, into the confines of his tiny room. But from here, he was able to use the furniture around him as a muse for the pieces he would create. This is where the title for the collection, “A Closed Feeling,” originated.


The lookbook features the iconic outfits from the runway in high quality, with text on the side depicting every item and its price for that outfit. The closing of the show, where all the models walked out in silk shirts, is even recreated on a smaller scale. (Pages 14-15) Photography was done by Rosemary, a long time friend of Miyashita, who also took the photos for Number (N)ine's 'Book White The Last Vol., 2002'.

Always incorporating music with fashion, Takahiro Miyashita titled it 'Last Songs' because he viewed these pieces as the final songs of the brand. After this collection, Miyashita would take a break from fashion, only to continue creating wearable music under the moniker of 'TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist' from 2010 to the present day.

Writer: Zack

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