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Raf Simons Redux


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Overwhelmed by hype, many newcomers to fashion find themselves uninformed on the true cultural impact of Raf Simons; Look no further than the flexing of his pieces on Instagram and people bragging of purchasing his archival garments for thousands of dollars. To counteract this superficial point of view, we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge necessary to truly understand Raf’s work. One such article of knowledge is the iconic book: Raf Simons Redux. From his very first collection to the now iconic collections such as ‘Consumed’ and ‘Riot! Riot! Riot!,’ Redux takes you into the true essence of Raf Simons. The content ranges from photos illustrating youth and the counterculture, to various works the delve into his philosophy and more. Combined with Raf Simons’ ‘The Fourth Sex’ book, Redux will forever change your understanding of this designer for the best.

Writer: Riv

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