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Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons


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'Rei Kawakubo and Comme Des Garçons' not only shares with us an inside look at some of the most well-known CDG collections from the 1980’s, but also gives us insight into the depth and universality of her talent. We are able to see the behind the scenes of Kawakubo’s design studio, furniture designs, and CDG store interior design from all over the world. Kawakubo was also expanding and experimenting her range of runway models at the time, and began to work with celebrity names like Jean-Michel Basquiat and John Malkovich. We also see some beautiful images of the famous supermodel Naomi Campbell wearing CDG photographed by Peter Lindbergh, as well as several pages of behind the scenes content and runway show images.


It is wonderful to be able to see Kawakubo’s interior design process for her stores in London, San Francisco, and Aoyama which carried CDG’s entire collection. Featuring sharp angles and contrast, everything about each store has been specifically selected or designed to match the aesthetic of the brand, everything from the lighting to the clothing racks to the changing room had been personally picked out by Rei Kawakubo. This book shows us how far-reaching Rei’s talents are, showing no boundaries when it comes to one discipline or another. She isn't just a clothing designer, but a creator and curator of her entire vision.

Writer: Khan

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