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AW1991 '6.1 THE MEN'



After the initial presentation in Paris during the Gulf War, Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Autumn/Winter 1991-1992 was presented again in Tokyo on June 1st, 1991 as a joint event with Comme des Garçons titled '6・1 THE MEN'. Together they gathered renowned musicians and actors such as Charles Lloyd, Edgar Winter, Dennis Hopper, Joey Starr, and John Cale, who sang altogether 'We Shall Overcome' for the finale. Legendary photographer Taishi Hirokawa was behind the scenes capturing the atmosphere. Makoto Saeki was also at the event and wrote the following about it:

"The men passed each other as they walked, exchanging glances, hugging shoulders, and fraternizing as to spare a brief farewell. It was a wonderful sight. There wasn’t a single unscathed nor easygoing guy in the line-up. They were all standing by themselves, without any weapons in hands, fighting a dubious battle against the entire world. It didn’t matter if you were famous or not. No matter who jumped on stage, there was no objection. It was a place where men were just fighting for their dignity and freedom.

That Sunday morning, the men looked like shy teenagers trying to accommodate themselves with their brand new clothing. All of them were moving in their own way, blending their clothing into their movements and performing an awkward dance in an attempt to somehow rapidly make it their own. It was a rough ritual for men to become best friends with their clothes.

Fashion will no longer be in fashion anymore - or so it seems. Spit on being forced to wear the same clothes and live the same way. Live apart from the herd. Live your life as an egoist with your whole body and soul. And survive no matter what. That's what the outfits are screaming. No, that's what I was screaming at the world that day."

Writer: My Clothing Archive

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